Thursday, November 4, 2010


jAPS 2.0 is a lightweight and flexible platform. These means that jAPS Project aim is to safe these two features. Standard technologies can help to reach it but sometimes it can be very expensive to follow strictly standards.
We think standards are useful when they can help you to solve the problems without creating new one.
Portlet standards (JSR 168 and now JSR 286) are well known to developers and after years of use what we have seen is:

  1. portlets standard are very over-hyped
  2. portlets standard introduce too much constraints
  3. portlets standard are not so efficient
  4. portlets standard are very expensive
  5. portlets are not reusable among portals: they only runs in their specific portal because they make use of portal services
We think that the evolution of the web (social network, web 2.0 ....) are changing the way we believe on how portals needed to be done.
For these reasons we chose to better define at the architecture level the portlet concept.
The result was the introduction of the "showlet" concept and of the "Plugin model" that is an architectural lightweight way to speed development, eliminate unuseful constraints and make developers free to implement their creativity.


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