Thursday, February 10, 2011

CRS4 and Tzente S.r.l. signed a partnership agreement

The CRS4 recently signed a partnership agreement with Tzente S.r.l. for the experimentation of software applications based on the integration in the jAPS 2.0 open source platform of some innovative technologies developed at CRS4.

One of the goals of this agreement between CRS4 and Tzente is to ignite a virtuous circle of research and companies in Sardinia that will encourage the structured transfer of research results achieved in the ICT sector, to such companies; thus generating positive returns for the territory, both in money and know-how.

In particular, the agreement is aimed at bringing the system of local companies nearer to some of the best technologies for the Information Society (Digital Content, Interaction Design, GeoWeb and Internet of Things, Search, Mobile) housed and developed at CRS4. The goal is to define the roadmap for a process of technology transfer so that companies are able to develop innovative solutions for their target markets (accessibility and home automation, information and cultural entertainment, transportation and mobility, tourism, etc.), and CRS4 is able to define more effectively some lines of research, consistently with the need of innovation in the territory. This process of technology transfer will be accompanied with the structuring of a business model that allows to redirect part of the economic returns to the sustainability of the research. And since many of the local ICT companies have a high level of know-how on the jAPS 2.0 platform, the whole process will focus on the integration of specific technologies of CRS4 on that platform.

CRS4 is an interdisciplinary research center promoting the study, development and application of innovative solutions to problems stemming from natural, social and industrial environments.
Information Society and Technology and High Performance Computing are the supporting foundations. The main objective is innovation.
The mission is to help Sardinia to build and support a layer of modern high tech industries considered essential to its economic and cultural development.
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Tzente S.r.l. is the official maintainer of the jAPS 2.0 Project. Tzente has been creating a network of partner organizations who wish to develop their business based on jAPS 2.0 Platform. The network is structured as an "ecosystem" of partners where access requirements, roles and benefits are well defined. The role of Tzente in this ecosystem is to provide exclusive support to partners which want to be more competitive in their market of choice.
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