Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Detailed Changelog of jAPS 2.0 entando version 2.2.0

The new release of jAPS 2.0 entando version 2.2.0 presents a lot of new features and performance improvements.
Look at the huge changelog for more information.


New Features

Application engine
- "view-only" extra page groups
- Extra page title (additional parameter in the context of the request)
- Management of initial language of navigation
- Added: values used to filter entities can be grouped (just like an enumeration)
- Added: Roles attribute in entity
- Management of loading entity roles and codes of disabling (with validation xsd)
- Function of controls forcing case sensitive / insensitive filter on entities
- Added: Advanced attribute Validation; by value/range (on a fixed value or another attribute for attributes "Number" and "Data") and OGNL Validation
- Added: new "Parameter" tag for setting parameter of other tags ("wp:url", "wp:action" and "wp:pageInfo")
- Interceptors Stack for special features in "InternalServlet" based on Struts2
- Added: a method ("release") to release a service at shutdown

Administration Interface
- Two clients for the backoffice (chose one at login): "Normal" or "Advanced"
- Added: shortcuts for the start page.
- Showlets placement details
- Addition of functions to create new User Showlet
- Advanced search contents
- Advanced search resources
- Content Inspect on work and public area
- New tags in apsadmin-core.tld: "page", "showletType", "entity", "entityType"
- New tags in jacms-apsadmin-core.tld: "content", "contentType"
- Setting up ways of using tree pages - classic | request
- Setting up ways of using tree categories - classic | request
- Aid functions in the Content Models management interface
- Added: hookpoints


Application engine
- Update: switched Cache engine from OsCache to EhCache
- Update: Full-Text search engine Libraries (Lucene 3.0)
- Update: Struts2 Libraries (
- Update: Spring libraries (3.0.5)
- Introduction of imagemagick

Administration Interface
- Update: Page Info
- Function of normalization resource file name
- Homogenization key error messages

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