Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Enter Maven and GitHub

42  2.4.0(.1)

“The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Maven, GitHub, and Everything”

As a Web Developer, I’m always in a thirst for clean, powerful, reliable, automatic build processes and tools able to relieve me from the most annoying bits of my everyday job.

As a Linux Power User, I like those processes and tools being automagic as much as they can be.

And that’s just Maven.

Need a new instance of Entando?
Get rid of the
second Ant build file, just mvn archetype:generate it!

Need some Plugins into your brand new instance of Entando?
Forget all those long and sometimes clumsy instructions,
just add them!

Want to build your own Plugin?
Heh, you know what? We got an
archetype for that, too.

Ok, I can see what you’re doing there.
So, what about GitHub?

GitHub is simply the most exciting, awesome, stuffed-with-great-features place to develop anything today.

We have great expectations on social coding.
We’d like you developers to join our effort in keeping up with the improving of Entando in the way that best suits each of you: starting from small on-the-fly fixes on READMEs, JSPs and the like, all the way up to big patches, new feature requests / proposals, bug fixing and so on.

Yes, we have great expectations on social coding.
And we all are pretty excited about renewing our engagement in the amazing world of Open Source Software.
So, a brand new start on GitHub with real-time commits coming to you as they leave our computers, and your participation in the project never been as easy and enhanced.

What else?

Oh, Entando v2.4.0.1 is coming with a brand new REST API.

Oh, and also a mobile app for __undisclosed platforms__

Oh, and... but this is not a release announcement.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!
… and thanks for all the fish (so far)!


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