Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NEW! - RELEASE of jAPS 2.0 entando Platform version 2.2.0

Tzente S.r.l. is proud to announce the release of jAPS 2.0 entando Platform, version 2.2.0. The new release is available for download on Sourceforge.

To find out more news about jAPS 2.0 entando, come to visit us on 3 and 4 March in Hall 9, Stand B09, within the ICE area.
Here the main innovations of this new version:

    *     Evolution of the CMS interface with two Web Client: "Normal" and "Advanced"

    *     Introduction of ImageMagick for high quality image processing

    *     Advanced rules configuration for the validation of the attributes

    *     Ability to override the page title based on the content published

    *     Feautures for the management of showlets type

    *     Ability to define the semantic roles for attributes Content Types

    *     Advanced back office Content Search

    *     Consultation of references between contents and pages

    *     Consultation of the detail of public contents

    *     Interface for assisted editing of content models

    *     Ability to choose how to use the page tree and the categories tree through parameters configuration

    *     Evolution of the back office homepage with configurable shortcut

More informations are available in the ChangeLog file.

On Sourceforge are available the following packages:

    *     jAPS 2.0 entando SRC

    *     jAPS 2.0 entando PortalExample Project

You can try the new features of 2.2.0 version through the online demos:

    *     Information and Services Portal for Governments with integration of new Social & Collaboration plugins (user: user / password: useruser)

    *     Intranet Portal for Governments  (user: japsuser / password: japsuser)

Useful Links
    *                 Download jAPS 2.0 entando

    *                 Contact us to request a meeting

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