Wednesday, June 30, 2010

jAPS Community: new tools to share idea and to discuss

We decided to share with the jAPS Community new tools that allows users to submit idea and to discuss about technical points related to jAPS 2.0 Platform.

On is available a tool to share idea about jAPS 2.0 project. People are able to:
- Contribute: share ideas on jAPS 2.0 Project
- Discuss: brainstorm ideas with other to make them even better
- Vote: check out other people's ideas, and vote on the ones you like best
The best ideas bubble up to the top.

Another tool available to the community is Google Group.
The new official mailing list,, is dedicated to:
- users who want to use the back office of jAPS 2.0 Platform
- developers who want to discuss technical aspects of the project. It is the place to ask technical questions.

So people have different ways to participate to jAPS 2.0 Project and become an active member of the community.

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