Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mind the Bridge Italy Tour - Tzente admitted to the Gymnasium in Cagliari

Mind the Bridge Italy Tour will bw held in Cagliari on Friday, 25th of June.
Every year Mind the Bridge runs an annual business plan competition with the purpose of selecting the best innovative business ideas among all the potential Italians talents.
One of the newest activity of Mind the Bridge is the Gymnasium, a mentoring and coaching program that takes place in Silicon Valley and Italy.

In the afternoon companies will present their business plans in front of a panel of venture capitalists and seasoned entreprenuers. Ultimate goal is fine tuning the business idea (what and where it works, where and what doesn't) and making the value proposition more effective.

Tzente, the jAPS 2.0 maintainer, is selected for the Gymnasium.

More information here: http://mindthebridge.blogspot.com/2010/06/cagliari-here-we-come-this-friday.html

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