Saturday, June 12, 2010

jAPS Workshop: a great success

Yesterday was held the first jAPS workshop, a great success!!!

Many people attended to the event and the presentations were very interesting and funny.
The focus of the event was on jAPS 2.0 World and Ecosystem.

The chair of the event was Favia Marzano.

The program started with a presentation of the jAPS Ecosystem.
Then Ingres, MySQL and Pentaho, the jAPS technology partners, described their project and solutions integrated in the Platform.
The second session started with a speech of lawyers Gallus and Micozzi who spoke about the legal issues related to open source license of jAPS and its possible developments.
Then system integrators described how and why they use jAPS 2.0:
- Collaboration Intranet and Augmented Reality
- certification of the contents through the Content Managements System integrated in jAPS
- aDOC: a document management system and information protocol solution built on jAPS 2.0 Platform
- web accessibility
- jAPS as a model of collaboration
- myoT: an Internet of Things solution based on jAPS
- jAPS as a framework for the integration of services for health
- jAPS and WhereIsNow: update information for citizens

In the last session some governments told about their experiences as jAPS users, very interesting.

Thanks to all participants for their enthusiastic support, the event was very great!!!

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